Zipper Wallet Purse

Zipper Wallet Purse – All-round comfortable, comfortable, secure

Robust leather, a functional interior and careful workmanship – all this makes the products from the leather oasis. Not only do you get purses that you can flip open, but also models with a solid all-round zipper that reliably protects the contents. These Zipper Wallet Purse in brown or black cowhide feature a variety of credit card slots, a coin and a bill pocket, and handy identity card pockets. The material is robust and very supple and so these exchanges are also good in your hand. In addition to the Esquire models, you will also get Picard, Oxmox and Bodenschatz purses with all-round zippers that showcase their versatility and classic design. Noble all-rounder, stylishly combining form with function.

Safely stowed thanks to all-round zipper – Zipper Wallet Purse

An all-round zipper on a wallet has the great advantage that the entire contents are protected against falling out. Our models are not only very functional, but also very chic due to the sportily elegant design. Add to that the supple leather, which feels good and withstands even heavy loads easily. While the card slots can be stowed inside the card slots, the coin pocket is equipped with a snap closure. The individual designs in our online shop vary in size and can therefore be stored in a jacket pocket or in a shopping basket. Various models of Bodenschatz also have a leather bar with push button, so that such accessories are doubly protected.

Zipper Wallet Purse – Reliability in a chic design

If you’re looking for a true classic that will always protect your money, papers and credit card from wind and weather, then you should opt for a full zip model. We offer such models from different suppliers in the classic black and brown, but also in the strong red look. Various models also have an additional leather bar with push button. While the design is classic and the material is supple and hard-wearing on the outside, such accessories are convincing on the inside due to their tidiness. Credit cards, banknotes and coins all have their place and are always at hand. Therefore, opt for the versions with circumferential zipper and you will have fun with it for a long time. Get your Zipper Wallet Purse now!

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