Small and Slim Front Pocket Wallet and Purse

Mini wallets – practical, handy, stylish – Small and Slim Front Pocket Wallet and Purse

Look for a handy wallet that has a coin and a note compartment and in which you can lock away the key cards? How good that there are mini-wallets. These Small and Slim Front Pocket Wallet and Purse is in no way inferior to their big brother, because they are just as carefully crafted, spacious and practical. The durable leather defies wind and weather and you can store bills, coins and credit cards in the different size exchanges. In addition to simple folding purses you will find in our range of very high quality models with button closure. The compartments correspond to the size of the bills or the credit cards and the separate coin compartment is reliably secured by a push-button closure. Therefore you should not miss out on these handy little helpers on the way.

Ensure order with the mini-wallet

To give you an overview of the benefits of mini-wallets, we have summarized a few points for you.

  • Purses in different designs, colors and sizes
  • separate coin and note compartment
  • Compartments for credit cards and ID
  • with push-button closure or as a simple folding variant
  • suitable for ladies and gentlemen alike
  • suitable for the jacket pocket

With a wallet in a small format you always make a right decision. The materials are sturdy and very durable and the look of each model is timelessly classic. The locks are easy to open and close and the bills, coins and credit cards are sure to find their place. Moreover, these purses are lightweight, handy and extremely practical. Discover the mini wallets as stylish accessories that you should not miss on the way.

Tidy inside, durable outside – Small and Slim Front Pocket Wallet and Purse

With a mini wallet from our online shop, you can kill several birds with one stone. For one, the look of these exchanges is absolutely classic and on the other hand, the functionality is particularly high. Here form and function go hand in hand – and at prices at which you should order your new stock. Because if you want to pay for the bread on Sunday at the bakery, you only have to take this little stock exchange in the future, in which you can stow everything. Therefore, you should always be able to fall back on these functional mini-wallets in everyday life.

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