Money Clip

Money clips as a high-quality leather case

Money clips are the practical alternative to large and bulky purses, which bring the pockets almost to tearing. In our assortment you will find a whole series of money clips as a practical and high-quality leather case, which is more than the mere money clip that holds the bills together. We offer you a large selection of different brands and different types of money clips that will perfectly fit your ideas for an ideal storage of your cash. In addition to the mere money clip many models bring even more practical features with it. Convince yourself of the high-quality leather wallets in the form of a money clip that will accompany you every day. You will be amazed at how many forms such a dollar clip can take without losing its practical advantages.

Dollar Money Clip on trend

The dollar clip, as money staples in the US also like to be called, found so far in our latitudes only a small spread. In other regions of the world where it is more common to keep the money open, practical money staples have always enjoyed great popularity. It may be due to the change in mentality or simply the obvious advantages of the money clips that they are now becoming more widespread. The benefits of such a dollar clip are pretty obvious. The money is always immediately ready and can be quickly and easily counted and sorted. At the same time, the money clips impress with their handy presentation, which allows the wearer to stow them almost everywhere. The flat and small money clips fit just as well in the front pockets of a pair of jeans as in almost every inside pocket. An absolute plus for safety. After all, the back pocket of trousers is usually the point of attack for thieves hunting for prey.

Money clips with practical coin pocket

It does not have to be the mere purse that holds the bills together. Also common are money clips with all sorts of additional compartments and storage space. The standard version of high-quality money clips now includes models that provide ample slots for cards and ID cards. The upscale models even have coin compartments that provide ample space for all types of cash. Stow everything you need on a daily basis and carry it in a small and practical wallet. Although it may sound like that at first glance, but with the use of a money clip, you are by no means constantly showing how much cash you carry. Rather, the money clip is the modern and smart alternative to large and bulky purses, the stowage is increasingly difficult.

An easy decision
Do not let the decision about an ideal wallet be too difficult. Whether your choice falls on one of the many money clips or rather a conventional purse in our online shop, you do not have to decide ad hoc. Under our hotline, our knowledgeable, experienced and open-minded employees look forward to your questions. We are happy to advise you in a personal and non-binding discussion in all matters relating to our offer and the advantages of each model that we can offer you. You can reach our experienced consultants by phone from Monday to Saturday, as well as at any time by e-mail.

Small, handy and always high quality

Convince yourself of the many benefits that the use of money clips will offer you. We offer you a range of money clips from well-known manufacturers in our online shop. Let yourself be inspired by the large selection in our range. All purses, wallets and purses in our online shop are made of high quality leather and are characterized by the best workmanship. The strong interaction of a high-quality processing of flawless materials guarantees the optimum benefit, high comfort and long life of your new money clip. Every day you can use a modern and attractive wallet where you can safely stash everything you need day after day.

Large range of leather goods

In addition to money clips and purses for him and her, you will find in our assortment a wide range of leather goods for almost every taste. In addition to bags, backpacks and luggage made of high-quality, genuine leather, you will also find in our range a considerable selection of accessories and best care products for your leather goods. Protect your leather goods against the effects of wind, weather and weather as well as the traces of regular and daily use. With proper care and the regular use of care products, you increase the lifespan of your leather goods. At the same time, you preserve the high-quality look and neat look of your wallets, bags and leather companions. Convince yourself of the high quality of the leather products, which we can present to you in our assortment.


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