Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse made of durable leather

Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse have to withstand a lot of hardships. The constant pressure of the sometimes sharp-edged keys inside the key wallets as well as the pressure when the key case disappears in the trouser pocket can add up to the material in the long term. High-quality and sturdy leather resists these strains like no other material. In our online shop you will find a large selection of different types of key cases, all of which are characterized by their high-quality workmanship of the best leather. Store your keys stylishly and safely in a key case and you always have everything with a handle in your hand. Convince yourself of the high quality offer that you will find in our specialist retailers on the Internet. The large selection of key pockets also holds the right copy for you.

In the key case best stowed away – Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

With a high-quality Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse you ensure that all your keys are always close at hand and well protected. No matter how big your keychain is, we are sure to stock the right model in our large selection of key cases for you. Depending on the version, you will receive key pockets with a different number of hooks, on which you can conveniently attach the individual keys. Locked the high-quality key case by no means looks like a dusty object from the past, but rather, like a stylish purse. Carefully store your keys with you and surprise your counterpart when you get your keys out of a high-quality key case. In addition to pure key wallets, we also offer a range of models with additional compartments and pockets as well as great, special extras.

Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

Combine Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse and purse in a particularly stylish way. In our assortment you will find a number of key cases, which in addition to the practical rings and clever hooks for keys also offer the possibility to store cards and cash. So you always have everything with you with a handle, before you want to leave the house. The different variants of key wallets and purse combinations even allow you to easily eliminate the ordinary wallet because the new key case offers you enough space for everything you need to carry with you on a daily basis. In addition to their great practical benefits, the key pockets also visually convince. Tastefully designed and available in many variations, you will surely find in our range the right model among the many key cases that we can offer you.

Best workmanship for a long life – Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

Only the best quality materials processing will guarantee that you will enjoy your new key case for a long time. Tips, edges and spikes of the beards of the keys can quickly become the ordeal for the key pockets. Thanks to the conscientious workmanship of the best leather by experienced hands, the key bags, as we offer them, meet this challenge with ease. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the execution of the work on your new key bag, we offer you a return policy of 100 days as well as a comprehensive service even after the expiry of the guarantee period. You will be surprised at how durable the leather will be in your new key case, though you will use it daily.

Protect the values ​​that are important to you with Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

Losing a keychain is a very annoying affair. Not only that then a large number of new keys must be made, but also the replacement of the locks in many places are annoying and costly. Particularly problematic is the loss of the keychain, if in addition car keys or keys to business premises have been lost and no honest Finder reports. Here the costs can explode quickly. It is better to put here on separate keyrings. Well protected and color separated you could put each of these key chains in another key case. The large assortment that we can present in our online shop offers you the possibility to mark a clear separation of different keys with the use of different styles, colors and designs. Convince yourself of the variety of offers in our online shop and the practical benefits that the key wallets can offer you.

Many leather goods in a shop

In addition to practical key pockets and a handsome key case, you will find a whole range of other leather goods in our online shop. We also offer purses for him and her, bags, rucksacks and luggage, as well as handsome accessories and useful care products for leather articles. Maintain and protect your leather goods regularly with the prescribed and excellent leather care. This will give you the high-quality and handsome look of leather goods in your closet for a long time, while protecting the material against decay, wind and weather. With the regular use of a high-quality leather care you extend the pleasure of your purchases and thus protect your cash.

Fast, free shipping

If you do not want to wait long for the delivery of your order of a new key bag or one of the many other leather products from our online store, you’ve come to the right place. Place your order before 15:00 and look forward to shipping the same day. One of our reliable and well-known shipping partners will deliver your order to you on the quickest way home. Look forward to the free shipping for orders over 35, – € within Germany. In addition, we offer you eight different, but always secure payment methods to process your order. Simply decide on the payment option in the online shop that you prefer to use.

Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse

With a Key Holder Wallet Chain Purse your keys are always packed safely and stylishly. You go in proper traditional trousers of the Edelnice costume fashion for men with your buddies on the next Oktoberfest? Now you do not know where to keep the apartment key? A key bag is the perfect solution for you! Here the key is safely stowed and you can do without further luggage. Small and handy a key pocket disappears in your pocket. Integrated key rings prevent the door or car keys from falling out. Whether romantic decorated with floral motifs, made of fine leather or in bright red: The right model for every taste. Even as a gift, a key bag is wonderful. Your wife is sad because she lost the key to her lock on the folding bike twice last year? With a key pocket you bring the eyes of your loved ones back to light. The stylish and practical product will store the bicycle key safely and tastefully in the future.

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