ID Card Case Purse Wallet

ID Card Case Purse Wallet – for driver’s license and credit cards

In our online shop, we offer you not only classic women’s and men’s wallets, stylish bags and backpacks, but also high-quality processed ID Card Case Purse Wallet, in which you can keep driver’s license, credit card and various other identity documents. The related leather is sturdy and hard-wearing and inside the folders you can expect the smallest amount of space. Because such folders for important documents must also be functional. That’s why Braun Büffel offers you a black calfskin document case with numerous document compartments for identity card, vehicle registration card or membership card as well as several credit card compartments. You simply open this folder and have direct access to all important maps and documents. Therefore, you should not do without this combination of form and function.

ID Card Case Purse Wallet in simple designs

With the ID cards in timelessly elegant style, which we offer you at very attractive prices, you are guaranteed to hit the bullseye. The workmanship of each model is impeccable, the interior is tidy and clear and the leather used is durable and supple. A short summary will familiarize you with the advantages of the products.

  • hard-wearing, handy leather in different colors
  • Slots for credit cards and ID cards as well as for motor vehicle papers
  • partly with a small coin and bill compartment
  • also available as a pure passport cover
  • Protection of the papers by clear boxes
  • easy to stow

With these folders in the simple look, much emphasis is placed on having the appropriate papers or credit cards at hand very quickly. That’s why these accessories are timelessly beautiful and very functional.

Stored safely is half the order – ID Card Case Purse Wallet

Documents such as an identity card or car papers should be as reliably protected from wind and weather as the credit card. That’s why we offer you identification folders in different designs, colors and sizes, with which you can create order. The portfolios of Samsonite, Golden Head or Braun Büffel look timelessly elegant from the outside and inside you can expect numerous compartments and a high degree of functionality. In the future you only have to pay the credit card out of one of the compartments and you can pay. Or you take the motor vehicle papers or the ID card out of a transparent cover that protects such an important document. How to put your jacket in order.

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