Wallet and Purse

Wallet and Purse

The small fashion accessory that accompanies us reliably every day – the wallet and purse not only impresses with its practical features, but is also in the forefront of fashion with a wide variety of designs.

Wallets are our most important accessory – the purses for men and women

Even who punishes handbags with disrespect, he still has a wallet! Small change, bills and a steadily growing number of smart cards must finally be stowed, preferably in one place. The purse is also called purse, purse or wallet, indicating different styles. Wallets usually denote a purse for ladies. These are larger than men's stock exchanges, as many women have a purse and the purse does not have to fit in a trouser pocket. Wallets made of leather, imitation leather or fabric are securely closed with a zipper or button, so that the contents do not spread in the bag. A men's wallet is usually called wallet. In contrast to the Ladies Stock Exchange, they are usually only folded and closed with at most one button, as many men wear their slim-cut wallets in the pocket. A bifold purse is folded once, while a trifold is folded twice and offers more credit card slots. The term purse is still used, but is actually an antiquarian term, because the bag form of exchanges rarely occurs.

Is your purse scan secure? The most important, modern features!

A purse is an indispensable companion, which looks superficially similar, but changes inside. Therefore, they are differently equipped: for example, not all purses have a compartment for large IDs or vehicle papers. Still others have no coin pocket. So, before choosing your wallet, check the features and dimensions you need. Modern purses have more chip card pockets, as documents such as driver's licenses, membership cards or ID cards only exist in this format. Some wallets include an additional card holder that can be removed when needed. These cards often contain sensitive data, which is why purses are made with scan protection. This RFID protection (Radio Frequency Identification) is a protective coating in the purse that prevents reading from a distance. Other features include cell phone compartments on very large purses or detachable carrying straps that allow you to use your purses as clutches.

Wallets for ladies and gentlemen on a large scale Selection.

Purses today are definitely more than a practical accessory that just gentlemen often accompanied for decades. Classic in black or other muted colors are made of leather or high-quality artificial leather, the decoration is very economical. These exchanges are especially suited to the business look. For a sports purse, however, nylon or polyester is used, which is lightweight, tear-resistant and water-repellent. For active people or strenuous undertakings, plastic will hold its own. In between, a variety of fashion purses, whose design ranges from used-look over rivets to daring animal prints. Ladies almost always have several wallets to choose from, which also fit the bag. wardow.com offers you fine and stylish purses, luxurious details and often the icing on the cake of your outfit.

Always with you – the purse wallet

No matter where you are, your purse is your loyal companion. Always at hand, our wallet keeps cash, credit cards, coupons, identity cards … You pick up the kids from school and quickly stop at the grocery store on the way home? The purse moves reliably in the filing. Also in the purse she feels comfortable and accompanies you to the office, to the Saturday coffee with the best friend and to the romantic candlelit dinner with the loved one. In classic black, beige or brown, with a dreamy floral pattern or in trendy colors – in our assortment there is something for every taste.

The little trend piece: purse/ wallet

Even though the purse was designed for practical reasons, fashionistas have long since realized that it really has that small part in it. It's one of the trendiest pieces when it comes to accessories. The wallet comes out day in, day out again and again. Your animal print wallet will instantly catch your eye as you fish it out of your bag, and your black designer shirt makes a stunning figure for the elegant dress. Why should you limit yourself to a wallet when it's fun to mix a variety of colors and designs? Just like handbags and shoes, women can never have enough purses in their closets. Whether with striking applications or kept in a classic style – you do not want to give up your new favorite part so quickly.

Model variety for purses with style for purse/ wallet

Whether made of plastic, leather or fabric, with zipper or for opening, simple or extravagant, one-colored or patterned – the range of purses is endless. Here you will find the most popular models at a glance.

Classic purses and wallets

The best-known purse come in a nearly square shape therefore, are portrait or landscape format, can either open or close with a push button. The stock exchanges have several card and slot compartments as well as a compartment for banknotes and one for coins. Some models convince with other, partly foldable subjects.

Big fashionable purses and wallets

The approximately 20 cm long purses are particularly popular because they offer plenty of storage space. In up to twelve – sometimes more – compartments bills can be conveniently stowed. In addition, there is a separate coin compartment and another compartment in which all sorts of odds and ends can be accommodated. That is why these purses, which can usually be closed with a zipper, are reminiscent of fashionable clutches. They are particularly suitable for women who need a lot of space, but still do not want to give up an appealing order.

Small and space-saving purses and wallets

Mini purses are very small, foldable purses without coin pocket, which are often provided with a snap closure. Thereby, you can place folded bills in one to three note compartments. So-called trucker wallets have the advantage that they can be safely attached to the belt with the typical chain for them.

Purses and wallets for everyday life, holidays and the party Faithful everyday companion

Whether for shopping, for shopping in the supermarket or at dinner with the loved one – for the normal everyday life of a woman classic purses made of durable smooth leather are optimal, despite frequent use not so easy to break. Both banknotes, coins and ID cards as well as business cards and credit cards can be stowed away. By printing, metal, buckles or zippers, the contents of the purse is secured.

Tip: So that your purse is not lost or stolen, you should make sure to keep your purse always closed. If the purse is small, it can also be stowed in the handbag inner pocket.

Extravagant: bag Purses and wallets in one

You love fancy pieces and your wallet should meet your fashionable needs? Then big, elongated models are the right choice for you. These can be easily converted into a handbag at the weekend and worn as a fashionable clutch, because except for money and cards, these pieces still have enough space for keys, lipstick and smartphone. Often, these purses also have a loop, so they can be stylish and safe to wear around the wrist.

Small and compact: Purse and wallet for the holidays

Many do not want to take their purse for everyday life with them on vacation. Too big is the risk that the beloved piece will be stolen or lost. In addition, on vacation usually only cash and a credit card are required. Here are small purses. Travelers can protect themselves with trucker wallets from thieves, as they are attached to the belt with a metal chain. Even safer are your purses in the neck pouch or in belt pouches that can be worn inconspicuously under the clothing.

The right care: This is how your purse and wallet looks like new for a long time

Wallets are timeless accessories that you are welcome to use for several years. With a little care, you can make sure that your wallet stays safe and sound for a long time. And best of all, you can easily maintain the purse with effective home remedies. How this works is explained here:

Smooth leather purses can be cleaned with a simple cotton cloth.

Wild, nubuck or suede models should be protected from moisture and not cleaned with water or leather cream. If the purse has gotten wet, gently dry it off with an absorbent cloth.
You can maintain smooth leather purses with conventional body lotions. Just put a small dab on the purse and massage gently with a soft cloth. Even a drop of vegetable oil makes your model beautifully supple again.
Suede purses can be shaped with an old toothbrush or shoe brush.

Conclusion: purses are practical and fashionable companion

At the bakery, in the supermarket or while shopping – purses are important companions. Every day we have them in hand and rummaged in her for coins, banknotes and bank cards. But wallets have long ceased to be practical items of daily use, but have become stylish accessories for women, underscoring their own fashion style and complementing the outfit

Purses made of genuine leather

Purses should always be full. For the daily companion to do justice to the printing of coins, banknotes and all sorts of cards, it must be properly processed. In our online shop you will find a generous selection of high-quality purses made of genuine leather of the best workmanship and all kinds of well-known brands. We offer purses that will accompany you every day and where you can enjoy for a long time. Stow everything you need to have with you every day in a practical wallet and have your driver's license, identity card, debit, credit, insured and business cards as well as the necessary cash at hand. Convince yourself of the variety of brands and the abundance of our offer in our shop, which we can offer you at fair prices. After all, after purchasing your new purse you should still have liquid funds available to fill the newly acquired purses abundantly.

Everything in its place

The clever division of the purses, which we can offer you in great variety, allows you to store everything in the best possible way. Without having to forego important documents, you leave the house in the morning and find everything you need with one touch. In addition to their great practical benefits, the leather wallets in our range will convince you through the bank's high quality design and attractive appearance. After all, the practical value of a commodity is not always all that matters. Depending on the design and version of the purses that we can offer you, the individual models always offer you an optimal benefit, regardless of whether you only hope to find a card case or a perfect wallet.

Purses for everyone

We equip each and every one with a suitable wallet. We can offer you the right model according to your wishes, ideas and requirements for an ideal wallet. Browse with relish in our wide offer for ladies and gentlemen. In addition to great purses for him and her, we also offer you models that can not be fixed on the wearer or the wearer, but can be a great choice for both. The purses in our range leave nothing to be desired. Use the depth of the offer to find exactly the model that you are looking for. From practical and secure zip-arounds – zippered wallets that prevent important documents or cash from falling out, to easy folding variants and money clips, we always have the right wallet for you.

Very special copies in the shop

Of course we carry in our assortment also special variants of purses for you. Practical waiter exchanges that offer plenty of room for change and a simple order to quickly find the required coins and bills guarantee, to simplify the daily work in customer service, we offer you as well as useful key wallets and mini purses. The latter are ideal as purses for the holiday to hide the cash safely from pickpockets on busy squares. At the same time, in case of theft, only the cash would disappear. IDs and travel documents could safely be kept away from the hotel room. The loss would therefore be limited. But even for ladies who want to carry only a small handbag for a representative outfit without being able to carry or want to carry the big purse, mini-wallets would be a smart alternative.

High quality leather, perfectly processed

The key to a long life is the high-quality processing of the best resources for purses. We only offer purses made of immaculate leather, the processing of which we check before being included in our assortment to the best of our knowledge and belief. A handsome wallet is a smaller investment in a companion that should last as long as possible and be exposed to the rigors of daily use. Only genuine leather and a conscientious production of purses can guarantee that the purse meets these exact requirements. Should an error occur occasionally beyond the guarantee, we will gladly be at your disposal with our services in individual cases.

Purses and much more

In addition to our handsome selection of purses for almost any purpose and every wearer, we offer a whole range of other high-quality leather products. You can find bags and rucksacks as well as a wide range of luggage in an unsurpassed sophisticated look in our online shop. In addition, we offer matching, stylish accessories and the necessary care products in our accessories section. Carefully maintain your leather products regularly and with the utmost care. That's how you can feel.

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