Shopping Trolley - Wheeled Dolly Supermarket Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart

Shopping Trolley – Wheeled Dolly Supermarket Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart – makes everyday life easier and protects your health

Shopping Trolley – Wheeled Dolly, affectionately known by many as “Shopping Cart, Stair Climbing Cart”, offers the possibility of transporting heavy purchases or items even without a car. It makes everyday life easier and spares health, and is no longer just a favorite companion for older people. Who likes to carry heavy shopping bags home from the supermarket and then up the stairs?

Especially for people who are not allowed to lift heavy, z. As a pregnant or patient after surgery, a shopping trolley or shopping scooter is a great help. Instead of carrying the weight on the back or over the shoulders, pushes or pulls it simply on a few roles before or behind.

The selection of shopping hoppers is great: folding shopping trolleys, shopping bags with wheels or shopping trolleys with a seat – the imagination knows no bounds. Rolling shopping bags and shopper trolleys have been produced by various manufacturers for more than 50 years. As so often, there are also enormous differences in price. While you can buy a cheap shopping trolley for just 20 €, high-quality brand products up to 150 € are also not uncommon. Since finding the right shopping aid is certainly not that easy.

The bag and the frame: Shopping Trolley – Wheeled Dolly

The pockets of most shopping trolleys are made of a durable nylon or polyester fabric. The material is usually water-repellent, so that you get the dry home even in a rainstorm. A good frame is stable and yet not too heavy. Therefore, aluminum is used for most racks.

Especially larger people should pay attention when choosing the shopping trolley that the frame is height adjustable or at least has a sufficient overall height. For people over 1.80 m, this should be at least 110 cm.

On some trolleys, the bag can be detached from the frame with Velcro straps. This has the advantage that you can wear them individually or use the frame to transport beverage crates. A fold-out bar is also advantageous in this case. Removable bags are also often easier to clean or even wash.

Foldable shopping trolleys prove to be space-saving, which can be stowed in the cupboard or trunk in no time at all. Most have a folding handle or a collapsible frame. With a bit of skill you can even transport the trolley while shopping in the shopping cart, or at least hang on it. For the latter, some shoppers even have a small hook.

The wheels of a Shopping Trolley

There are big differences in the design of the wheels. In principle, larger wheels are better suited to overcome, for example, curbs, a bumpy road surface (eg cobblestones) or stairs. Some models are even advertised as “stair climber” due to the perfect rolling characteristics. For a staircase suitability, the wheel diameter should be at least 20 cm. This criterion is particularly important for people who live in upper floors and can not rely on an elevator. It would be annoying if you have brought the heavy purchases to the front door and then suddenly realizes that you have to carry them over your shoulder again or maybe even repackage. Even in winter shopping trolleys with large wheels are clearly in the advantage, as they can be easier to pull over snow and slush.

But even small roles can be beneficial, eg. For example, if the shopping trolley is simply transformed into a shoulder bag by a carrying strap. In this case, the roles do not even have to be taken off. This is especially useful in situations where space is limited, such as: B. in S-Bahn or bus.

Many shopping trolleys have a so-called “EVA tires”, d. H. The tires are not filled with air, but are made of solid rubber. EVA stands for the material name (ethylene vinyl acetate), a light and elastic material that guarantees a long service life. Fully rubber-tired wheels are also often quieter than, for example, plastic wheels.

Additional accessories for Shopping Trolley

What else to pay attention to before buying a shopping trolley While the bag, frame or handle and wheels are part of the basic equipment of every shopper, there are differences when it comes to additional accessories.

Side pockets, for example, often offer space for an umbrella, but also clear pockets for the shopping list or a small zippered pocket for purse and mobile phone are extremely convenient.

If you want to travel longer distances from the supermarket in the summer, you should make sure that the trolley has a thermo-insulated compartment. This means that refrigerated or frozen products remain fresh, and you can even take an ice cream in the swimming pool on hot days.

Before you decide on a shopping trolley, you should compare capacity and resilience. For larger purchases you can find shoppers with a volume of up to 60 liters, which can be loaded up to about 50 kg. For those who prefer to go to the supermarket more often and shop less, a trolley with 30 to 40 liters and a load capacity of 30 kg is sufficient. It is often worth taking a look at the website of the manufacturer to get accurate information.

Regarding handling, there are various ways to inform yourself in advance. Either you trust the reviews on the Internet or you try the shopper yourself in the shop and can be there to advise. The former has the advantage of giving a broad overview of the possible uses and possible weak points of the product. In the business it will be rather difficult to fully load the shopper or to test it on different road surfaces. However, you may get a better idea of ​​the materials used and the workmanship. As a neutral source of information can also serve independent consumer tests, such. B. by the Stiftung Warentest.

If you live on the fifth floor and do not have an elevator available, you should inform yourself in advance about the staircase fitness of the shopping hoppers. Especially for older people, it can also be advantageous to select a shopper that you can push. This then serves as a support while running. Also for wheelchair users, this variant is more suitable. If you want to use the shopping trolley as a bicycle trailer, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance which models are suitable for it.

For large shopping trolley comparison chart

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a shopping trolley:

  • Great for people without a car
  • Helpful for people with physical problems
  • less effort needed than when wearing
  • can provide plenty of storage space

Disadvantages of a shopping trolley:
Many cheap models with poor quality

Better shopping with a trolley shopping trolley conclusion

The selection of good shoppers is great – for the small budget as well as for high standards. Those who rely on the shopping trolley both in summer and in winter, should make sure that the shopper has winter tires and possibly has a thermo pocket.

But a shopping trolley is not only a great help when it comes to shopping – most of the models are also ideal for carrying newspapers or for transporting files or equipment, provided that they are able to handle loads accordingly.

With a shopping trolley you are no longer dependent on the car in the future, but can easily do shopping and errands by foot or bus and train – not only your own health, but also the environment will thank you.

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