Safety Wallet - Travel and Security Locks

Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks

More security for personal property through a travel lock

At home and on the road, constructive systems retain Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks for unauthorized access to personal belongings by strangers and thieves. Not only for doors, gates, safes and windows, therefore, there are innovative closure configurations, which are offered in much more compact designs as Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks.

A Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks is an extremely practical accessory that makes sense when carrying a suitcase, a travel bag, a trolley or a backpack. The travel lock, which is often referred to in colloquial use as a suitcase or security lock, can be used to make it difficult for thieves to access these accessories or to make it completely impossible. A sturdy travel lock also scares off optically thieves.
The travel locks are sold depending on the design as products with a steel wire rope, a hanger and / or with a combination of numbers. Corresponding travel or luggage locks can be fastened and clicked on the handles or on the zipper like a padlock. To open either a matching key or the associated number series is required, which only the owner knows.

Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks

Purses that are not only visually appealing and have plenty of storage space, but are also characterized by additional security options, suitable for traveling and for special occasions. Especially at events such as concerts, while strolling through the Christmas market or at the folk festival, when visiting amusement parks or events in which a large crowd of people gathers, the security wallets can do excellent service. In the different versions of the security wallets, not only cash is kept, but also the debit card, identity card and passport. Most purses have integrated ID and credit card holders.
A reliable protection against thieves guarantee, above all, the tightly wearable security purses, which can be fixed to a belt with tightly sewn loops. To remove the safety wallet, the belt must first be pulled out of the loops.

Proven products made of textiles, plastics and leather: Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks

Functional details and professionally processed materials are the prerequisite for the advantages of these accessories. In addition, the sophisticated forms above all ensure that all necessary valuables outside the home can be protected against men, women or children.
In order to keep all items contained in the wallet dry and clean in the wind and weather, water-repellent and breathable materials are used. The long service life and resilience of the travel lock arises from the selection of metals that are resistant to corrosion and can only be cracked with extreme force using sturdy tools, Safety Wallet – Travel and Security Locks.

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