Pencil Case - Pen Cases Etui for Girls and Boys, School and College

Pencil Case – Pen Cases Etui for Girls and Boys, School and College

A suitable pen case for everyone

The creative and at the same time functional designs of the pen cases leave nothing to be desired. Both for children and for adults, there are cases tailored to the individual needs, which are characterized by numerous practical features.
It has been shown that it is always useful to accommodate in business, study or school needed writing utensils such as fountain pens, colored pencils or highlighters in good hands in a convenient pouch. However, the conventional spring bags do not prevent a mess of pens, so it is cheaper to use a pencil case. Such pen cases are also welcome when it comes to finding an attractive giveaway or present. In the form of advertising material, the cases usually even receive a printed logo. These designs are not common in normal trading. In the case of everyday pen cases, it is important that they are robust and unbreakable and can be used as universally as possible.

The best materials for pen cases

The selection of materials for the production of pencil cases is almost huge, so that all requirements for the quality and functionality of these accessories can be met. Above all things preferred by adult writers are the rather compact, narrow cases. Children, however, love the slightly larger variants.
The ideas for the respective appearance of writing utensils cases are complex, so that in addition to leather in particular the plastics and textile materials are considered in the purchase decision. When making a purchase, it also depends on what kind of writing instruments are to be kept and whether the existing dimensions of the case are sufficient. The writing utensils should have enough space and be arranged as ordered in special pockets. So the pens and pens survive a transport in a school bag or in a briefcase.
Representative pen cases are usually made of genuine leather with felt, because only this material has a distinctive charisma and structure.

Common designs of pencil cases

The pen cases can be designed as a pocket or writing case. Another distinguishing feature of pen cases are their capacity. That is, there are models that can be equipped with a maximum of two pins, or variants in which three or more writing instruments are stowed. So that the pins can not slip out, usually either push buttons or zippers are incorporated. Due to the narrow shape of the pen cases are very handy.
Writing cases made of a sturdy, hard, predominantly colored shell, which can consist of plastics such as polyethylene or polypropylene and a mix of materials, offer tremendous shock resistance. There is a soft lining in the inside of this casing, which prevents scratches from damaging the writing utensils.

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