Leather Care

Leather Care –  Leather needs care

Leather itself is a very sturdy material that lasts many years. But this requires the right leather care. In our shop, we offer you many quality products, which are ideal for cleaning and care of leather and extend the life of the natural material significantly. Nourishing waxes on a natural basis keep fine smooth leather supple and prevent cracks from forming. For the care of rough or suede, we offer special cleaning products, which preserve the rough surface of these types of leather. The products offered in our shop are from Collonil. Collonil has been a guarantor of premium.

leather care products for more than 100 years.

Leather care for smooth leather for protection against dirt and moisture
To protect leather from premature contamination from the beginning, it should be impregnated before first use. Impregnation spray prevents dust or moisture from penetrating the fine pores of the leather. So the leather is optimally protected and can be cleaned much easier. High-quality leather care sprays with a share of natural waxes and oils also ensure that the leather surface remains supple and does not dry out. In addition, the leather is protected from UV radiation, which can cause the leather to fade. These wax-containing care products are suitable for all smooth leathers. For firmer leathers and antiqued leather, the Supreme Wax Spray or the Special Wax Spray by Collonil is recommended, which increases the grip of the leather.

Special leather care for rough and suede

Suede has a rough surface that may suffer from the wrong leather care. That is why we offer special care products for these types of leather, which preserve the surface structure of the leather and still protect it from the weather. Nubuck and suede tends to stain quickly, especially through moisture. This is because the surface loses its structure due to the moisture. These stains can be brushed out easily with a dry cleaning block made of foam rubber. The rubber block gently rakes up the surface of the leather and stains disappear. After removing unsightly stains in this way, it is in any case necessary to re-impregnate the cleaned suede to protect it from re-staining.

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