Leather Accessories

First-class leather accessories for everyday use

In addition to shoes and a belt made of leather, many people can not do without functional leather accessories. In particular, important small parts that are lost quickly and that are difficult to hold together are in good hands in special containers made of leather. Both the collection and the orderly storage are the need-based culture and cosmetics bags that represent a real enrichment as designs made of high-quality leathers, Often, these products are often bought as original gifts, which are associated with great benefits. In addition to the wash bags, manicure sets and beauty cases, the pill boxes made of leather prove to be a sensible purchase. The beauty bags or cases are no longer just leather accessories for beauty-conscious ladies, but are equally among the men as proven utensils for shaving or care products. This way, men and women always keep track of everything in the bathroom and when traveling.

Practical leather accessories for the right leather care

Without leather accessories, it would be difficult to have a wide variety of things handy. In order to keep the attractive leather goods beautiful for a long time and not wear out so quickly, suitable care products are mandatory. Specialist retailers therefore offer selected items with which the best possible leather care can be achieved. In addition, such assortments are characterized by easy handling. Leather experts recommend selecting products that are tailored to the needs of the commercially available types of leather. This means that, among other things, there are separately applicable products for the care of rough or smooth leather. In this context, leather goods made of nubuck can be treated with care products especially for nubuck leather. To protect leather from unfavorable environmental influences, High performance impregnation sprays are ideal against invading moisture. In it are substances that are as very finely atomized natural substances such as cedar an optimization of leather properties andto ensure a preservation of the leather quality.

At work, traveling and leisure always well equipped – leather accessories

In order to be as comfortable as possible on the road and to have to do without any common utensils, a durable luggage is just as important as leather accessories, with which the personal property can be secured against theft. To this end, robust suitcase, trolley and travel bag locks were developed, which can be operated via a combination lock. Such travel locks are almost insurmountable and can only be opened with brute force.

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