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Saddlebags & Handlebar Bags – Bike Bag – From a minimal bag to a hold-up bag

Saddlebags & Handlebar Bags use the struts of the saddle and, if necessary, the top part of the seat post to place a bag directly under the rear saddle part. As a rule, these bags do not require an additional holding system, but rely on a fastening with Velcro straps or straps and are particularly popular for use on sporty bikes. The majority of saddlebags is intended as a kind of minimalist trunk for mini tool, spare hose and Co. and offers only between 0.4 and 2 liters of storage space for the bare essentials on every sporting tour, for example, to relieve the jersey pockets. In addition, there are also a few models with the same attachment principle.

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Saddlebags & Handlebar Bags are ideal if you do not want to take more than necessary. In a saddle bag, depending on the size of the most important things for a repair on the go. In any case, always a spare hose, mini tool and repair kit. If you take larger saddlebags, you can also store your cell phone, key and energy bar in it. The bags are placed directly under the saddle. They do not disturb and are optimally fixed. The material should be sturdy, waterproof if possible and fixation reliable. Special click systems are especially practical and safe.

Saddlebags on the Bike: A small but remarkable secret weapon in case of breakdowns

The Saddlebag & Handlebar Bags on the bike are among the most inconspicuous, but definitely the most practical parts that the aftermarket has to offer: Minimally dimensioned and unobtrusive, these bags regularly hide behind the saddle. The fact that you are so small and inconspicuous, makes you so tremendously practical: Replacement hose, tools and the lightweight, easily foldable rain jacket can easily find space, so you always have the most important equipment, without you disturbing anything. Unlike a bicycle backpack or pannier bag, you will not notice saddlebags at all. But at the latest at a flat tire you will be very grateful to your small bicycle bag, so that the inconspicuous accessory a remarkable friend and helper and a real secret weapons in bicycle breakdowns.

Make sure the saddlebags have good fastening systems and the right size!

That a Saddlebag & Handlebar Bags hardly noticeable, but quite remarkable, is true at least when nothing rattles or loosely dangling. You should therefore pay attention to a good fastening system when choosing. You can mount good saddlebags with suit straps, Velcro fasteners or click systems so firmly on the seat post or the saddle that they do not wobble or sit loose. Even a saddle bag that is too large, in which the tools can be confused and jangled with every movement, can be annoying. Therefore, choose the saddlebags for your bike also in the size best suited for you and your needs! Especially for speed-designed wheels, such as the road bike or a sporty mountain bike, the bag should be as small and minimalist as possible for reasons of aerodynamics and weight. Here, it is important to weigh the speed on the one hand and the scope of the required emergency set on the other. Since this balance may vary, some manufacturers offer lightweight saddlebags suitable for the road bike and other sporty wheels in size variations from small to extra large. For larger bags, you should value a useful interior layout. Inside pockets not only make sure you can find everything you need quickly, but also for gentle storage of sensitive spare parts.

From road bikes to city bikes: Saddlebag & Handlebar Bags for emergencies are always practical

Saddlebag & Handlebar Bags in which you always carry your emergency kit with you are not only a practical companion for sporty bikes. Also for the trekking bike or the city bike a saddle bag for the breakdown set is useful and practical. Although these wheels are regularly equipped with racks, so you can stow everything there on the go important. However, once a saddlebag is well stocked with tools and spare parts, it has the added benefit of always being there, even when you’re out and about with your bike and you do not want a spacious luggage rack or other bulky bike bag for comfort. Also, you do not have to rethink every time before departure what you might need in an emergency.

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