Belt Bag - Hip Running Case

Belt Bag – Hip Running Case

In a belt bag can be stowed amazingly many utensils that can be easily transported in this way. The belt, belly or hip pockets prove to be comfortable and tight to the body fixable accessories that are theft-proof and do not disturb when moving. That is one of the reasons why the belt bags from leisure activities and outdoor activities are indispensable. All belly bags are characterized by an extremely small and very compact workmanship. Nevertheless, these companions provide a storage space in which so many things can be carried.

Depending on which project is planned, compared to a conventional backpack many times smaller belt bag by their smaller volume can often be more practical and replace the backpack completely.

A leather belt bag pouch

Today, the bag industry is able to access the finest and most functional materials in the production of hip bags. These can either be of natural origin, or the materials are artificially produced. It is quite common to find leather belt bags that are prized for their timelessness and longevity. For genuine leather, goatskin, beef and pork leather can be sewed for the hip bags. Not unusual are qualitative belly bags made of deer or other suede. Such hip bags prove by their elasticity and abrasion resistance as the ideal equipment for traveling.
Synthetic leather belt bags are a composite material made of a textile fabric and a foamed or compact coating material. As a chic alternative to imitation leather or genuine leather are waterproof, lightweight art fabric for hip pockets.

Universal belt bags made of different textile types

Anyone who attaches great importance to a good camera bag should definitely choose genuine leather. The cameras are carefully protected in a hard brushed aluminum sheath and soft velvet or fleece lining. However, it does not always have to be a hand-made camera belt bag, because the bags produced according to standardized dimensions and shapes are also considered reliable storage and carrying devices.
Characteristic of genuine leather bags are the decorative seams and the corrosion-proof metal closures. A woven textile camera bag is mainly made of cotton canvas. These are extremely tear-resistant and light. Oversized camera bags in extravagant sizes capture a wealth of additional photo equipment in addition to the camera. Built-in separation pads, whose position can be changed if necessary, even take on a cell phone or a notebook. The dimensional stability is ensured by rigid pockets and sides.
Regardless of how a camera bag is constructed from the materials and configuration, resilient shoulder pads on the adjustable shoulder straps prevent the formation of bruises.

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